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Professionally Cleaned Solar Panels

It has been proven that cleaning your solar panels increases their output by at least 30%, sometimes even doubling!
We recommend cleaning your panels every 6 months to remove dirt, grime, windblown dust and even animal droppings. This ensures your panels are operating at their full capacity.
A small cost to clean them can save you in your next bill and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Why Choose Us?
  • South Australian Family Business

  • Fully Qualified, Experienced and Insured

  • Professional Clean Every Time

  • Special Water Purification System

  • Follow Industry Safety Procedures

  • We will leave your solar panels shiny and clean

  • Stress-free Solution

  • We will inspect the roof at the same time

Benefits of Cleaner Solar Panels

You want to make sure you get the best possible return on the Solar Panels on your property. To do this means you need to treat these sensitive panels with care.

In the past, it was generally accepted that the rain would clean the panels.
Studies have proven, that is not correct.

A good analogy is with your car windscreen: If you leave you car sitting outdoors for a few weeks, the buildup on the glass would make it difficult to see through without cleaning it.

Likewise, having dust, grime or buildup on your solar panels can reduce your system’s energy by approximately 20%.

Cleaning at regular intervals prevents buildup of residue and keeps your panels operating optimally at all times. Regular checks can also prevent cracks or other issues developing into something worse.

Why use a Professional?

Our process uses a special water purification system that distills and de-ionizes tap water onsite. This water is extremely effective at cleaning solar panels, leaving them shiny and clean.

Tap water can leave a residue on your panels that can inadvertently encourage dirt to accumulate. This is one of the reasons that having your panels cleaned professionally is a good idea. Southside Gutter & Solar Cleaning uses a customised de-ionised water system to give an effectively spot free finish that is more resistant to becoming dirty, which will also give you a better result with a longer-lasting impact.

Another reason to go professional is safety: Getting on your roof can be a dangerous business, especially without good safety gear. Without the right gear and experience, you could put yourself at risk or potentially injuring yourself.

Southside Gutter & Solar Cleaning uses only experienced qualified tradespeople for all solar panel cleaning.

We also guarantee that our fully qualified and insured tradespeople will always arrive on time and leave your property cleaner than when we arrived.

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